Haven and Flourish
Haven and Flourish
Wynne Elder Haven and Flourish

Hey, I’m Wynne

On behalf of our whole community, I just wanted to personally welcome you! In 2017 when I was about to give birth to my miracle girl, Rivers Glory, I also “gave birth” to this incredible community. Alongside some of our amazing leaders (and my good friends!), we created this space to truly be a HAVEN for people to come, belong, and be known. Community is truly at the heart of what we do! Then the FLOURISH part is all about your personal journey to live a clean + whole life. Young Living has changed the game for us, and we are excited to help open your eyes to all the ways it can come alongside of your health journey as well.

It is my passion to see women empowered, free, and living their purpose. I truly pray this space helps give you the tools and community to help you on your own journey towards living a thriving life.


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